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Lizards for Sale

In the geographically varied state of the USA, there are around 19 species of lizards native to Colorado. Colorado lizards are categorized into four families based on physical appearance and characteristics. Family Crotaphytidae is generally known to have reptiles with large bodies and long tails. In contrast, the family Phrynosomatidae is known for its small size. The third and fourth families, Scincidae and Teiidae, are categorized based on their shapes instead of their sizes.

Teiidae differs significantly from the rest of the species. They have long and sleek , tailswhich gives them a common name, whiptails, venomous reptiles and amphibians and often have forked tongues. However,

the Scincidae’s lizard species have visibly cylindrical bodies and very short limbs. You can buy colorado lizards online now and take advantage of our overnight delivery services. Abino iguana, Yellow iguana, Parsons Chameleon, and Grand cayman blue iguana are some of our most commonly purchased lizards among others. 

Snakes for Sale

Among many known reptiles of Colorado, snakes are found in abundance. Around 30 species of snakes have been discovered throughout the state. While most of them are not poisonous, Rattlesnake is a severely poisonous Colorado reptile. There is no need for fear of encountering reptiles in Colorado and visiting the wildlife with safety precautions well understood.

People find Snakes as one of the scariest reptiles; however, healthy around reptiles and amphibians they play a great role in maintaining the ecosystem balance. We at Colorado have attempted to emulate good principles to take care of reptiles for sale. We have a wide selection of Colorado snakes for sale. Colorado snakes can be purchased online from us, cake she hits different vape
and we guarantee safe and timely delivery. Some of the most frequently purchased colorado snakes include black devil boas, baby red tail boas, pied ball pythons, and adult black green tree pythons. You can buy colorado snakes online in the United States from us and save money on different species of colorado snakes

Turtles for Sale

Among the poisonous and scary Colorado reptiles, turtles are generally considered harmless. Five of the turtle species are among Colorado native reptiles. Four of these are aquatic and found in wetlands; Western Painted Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Spiny softshell turtle, and yellow mud turtle. The only terrestrial species is an ornate box turtle. The spiny softshell is the largest among the five species and is found mostly in eastern Colorado. Due to habitat loss, ornate box turtles have been considered threatened in recent years.

They rescue and take in amphibians and reptiles in Colorado every week and set them up for adoption under safe and favorable conditions. Spotted turtle, Baby Spotted turtles, reptiles and amphibians healthy , Albino Red Ear Slider turtle, Baby Asian Yellow pond turtle, and Baby Desert Ornate Box turtles are some of our most famous species of colorado turtles for sale online. Colorado turtles are available for sale all over the USA and Europe.

Tortoises for Sale

Tortoises, unlike turtles, are terrestrial animals. Tortoises, like turtles, have a hard shell that protects them from predators and environmental hazards. Colorado tortoises are thought to be the world’s longest-living land animals, with an estimated lifespan of 200,000 years. Some of the tortoise species include adult pancake tortoises, baby Aldabra tortoises, baby Burmese black mountain tortoises, baby giant south African leopard tortoises, baby Greek tortoises, baby hypo Sulcata tortoise, and baby elongated tortoises are available for sale.

We offer tortoise species for sale online, including these and many others. Next-day delivery and huge discounts are available so, lizards snakes and crocodiles with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can make the best tortoise purchase of your life! Our vast clientele spreads across the USA and Europe. Order your colorado tortoise and other reptiles in the United States and give us a chance to serve you with the best reptiles for sale online.

Are there rattlesnakes in Colorado?

Snakes are the most abundant species among all Colorado reptiles. There are around thirty (30) snakes in Colorado, out of which only three (03) are threats to human life. All three of these are rattlesnakes, and they come from the Viperidae family. 

Their common names are Prairie Rattlesnake, Midget Faded Rattlesnake, and Massasauga. All three rattlesnakes are different in physical appearance and various characteristics; however, they possess a few mutual characteristics that help identify them. As the name suggests, the end of the tails look rattle-like, and they have triangle-shaped heads. The eyes are vertical in shape, and all have thick bodies.

Prairie Rattlesnake is the most common type of rattlesnake species. They are the largest among the other rattlesnakes and are known as Western Rattlesnakes and Great Plain Snakes. Among the snakes found in Colorado Springs, Prairie Rattlesnake is the only rattlesnake found there. 

Midget-faded rattlesnakes are found in a limited number in Colorado. Their only natural habitat is in the Green River and Colorado River basins. Midget-faded rattlesnakes are generally called faded rattlesnakes due to their color and size. They have bodies the shade of pink and yellow with red scales and have darker markings all over, which fade as they age.

In addition to these venomous reptiles of Colorado, two species of Massasauga Rattlesnake are also found in Southeastern Colorado. These snakes include western massasaugas and desert massasaugas. 

Snakes in Southeastern Colorado inhabit relatively dry areas such as rocky terrains and dry grasslands. They are the shortest among the Colorado rattlesnakes and can grow up to 20 inches in total. The color and appearance of both the snakes are pretty similar, with greyish and dull base color and dark patches all over the body. We sell a wide variety of Colorado snakes online, and you can buy them directly from our live reptiles store.

 Which species of reptiles and amphibians are there in Colorado?

Colorado is home to many native reptiles and amphibians. There are around 19 species of amphibians and around 58 species of reptiles currently known in the state. 

Among the species of amphibians in Colorado, the Western Tiger salamander is the only salamander species. It is well-recognized as it was designated as Colorado’s state symbol in 2012. They live around water bodies such as damp areas in forests and pine barrens. 

Colorado Tiger Salamander is a nocturnal species and can grow up to 14 inches. They eat everything from small insects to earthworms. Other amphibians in Colorado include anurans, i.e., frogs and toads. Some of the frog species found commonly in Colorado are American Bullfrog, Northern Leopard frog, Canyon Tree frog, etc. American Bullfrog is known as the biggest frog among these species. Colorado toads include Great Plain Toad, Red Spotted Toad, etc

Among the reptiles in Colorado, lizards and snakes are found in abundance. There are around nineteen (19) species of lizards and thirty (30) species of snakes found across the Colorado state. 

Lizards in Colorado are categorically divided into four families. The list includes Texas Horned Lizard, Round-tail Horned Lizard, Tree Lizard, The Eastern Fence Lizard, etc. The most well-known species of snake found in the state is Rattlesnake.

Colorado turtles and tortoises are found in the eastern part of Colorado. Four out of five species found in the state are aquatic, and only one species, Ornate Box Turtle, is terrestrial. This terrestrial species has been marked as threatened species due to habitat loss in recent years. Contact us right away to take advantage of our special online discounts on our Colorado reptiles store.

What kind of lizards are there in Colorado?

Among the Colorado mountain reptiles, lizards are present in the majority population. There are around nineteen (19) species of lizards in Colorado. These species are categorized into four (04) families on the basis of their size and shape. 

The first family, called Family Crotaphytidae, consists of two species. Common names for these Colorado reptiles are Collared Lizard and Longnose Leopard Lizard. The characteristics that define this family are large bodies with huge heads and long limbs. 

The second family is Family Phrynosomatidae. There are nine species of lizards in this family, and they are characterized based on their relatively small bodies. The common names are Texas Horned Lizards, Eastern Fence Lizard, Side-Blotched Lizard, Short-Horned Lizard, Desert Spiny Lizard, Tree Lizard, Lesser Earless Lizard, Sagebrush Lizard, and Round-tail Horned Lizard. 

Family Scincidae is the third family with three species of skinks. The common names of these Colorado Lizards are Variable Skink, Many-lined Skink, and Great Plains Skink. The body of the skinks in Colorado resembles a cylinder, and in most cases, their limbs are short to the extent that they seem absent. The species of this family depends on the moist habitat the most among the lizards native to Colorado.

There are around 230 species from the Teiidae family. However, only five of them are among the Colorado lizards. The categorization of this family is based on their sleek tails, thus also called the whiptails. The common names of these lizards are Six-lined race runners, Plateau striped whiptails, Western Whiptails, Colorado Checkered Whiptails Diploid Colorado Checkered Whiptails. Native Colorado lizards are available for adoption or buying at several shelters and reptile stores in Colorado

Where Do We Ship Reptiles?

We ship Colorado reptiles in the United States and Europe. Our customer base stretches from the United States to Canada, sig sauer p320 the UK, and all of Europe. You can buy colorado reptiles online from our online store to take advantage of our special discounts for online customers. We have a diverse clientele that ranges from the United States to Europe. The Abino iguana, Parsons Chameleon, Black devil boa, Yellow iguana, she hit different
Grand Cayman blue iguana, Surname boa, Spotted turtle, Baby Spotted turtle, and Baby red tail boa is among our most popularly purchased Colorado exotic pet reptiles.colorado reptiles